Monday, May 16, 2011

Field trip = food truck!

Today I had the pleasure of joining a large group of kids from my school on a field trip into DC.  I was excited to go, as this presented an opportunity to possibly check out another food truck.  So, armed with my itouch (no, I don't have a smartphone because I work in education and a data package is too spendy - didja hear that Verizon?!) and praying for free wi-fi somewhere, I rode the charter bus downtown.  After a spin around the monuments, the bus driver dropped us off at the Portrait Gallery in the Penn Quarter.  My sources told me a handful of trucks were just a few blocks away and with 3 other chaperones in tow off I went.  We came upon Sauca first, but having already enjoyed a meal from them, I moved on to the next truck, Fojol Brothers of Merlindia.  The line was long, which to me is always a good sign.  The men and women inside the truck were wearing fake turbans and mustaches, which was appropriate as they call themselves "a traveling culinary carnival."  One of the other chaperones with me happened to be Indian and she said back in the day the size of your mustache signified how strong a person you were.  These people in the truck musta been pretty strong!

I ordered the buttered chicken and peas & cheese, which came served on top of basmati rice.  For $7, I was really happy with the huge portion.  It was enough that 2 skinny people could share, or one really hungry person.  The service was excellent, they were cracking jokes and being generally jovial.  I ended up taking my meal back to the gallery to eat in the awesome courtyard.  It was amazing!  Definitely one of the best food truck meals I've had.  The chicken was tender and the sauce was just the right amount of spicy.  The peas were the big surprise to me - also in a spicy sauce and mixed with chunks of mild cheese.  Yum yum yum.  10/10 for Fojol!

And of course, being me, I stopped for a cupcake on the way back.  Crumbs was right there and I got a margarita cupcake, which was good but not outstanding.  The sea green color of the icing was a little odd too, but it was pretty good, and the cake as more moist than the last trip there.  7/10.

So, I enjoyed my trip and enjoyed the food.  It was fun to introduce my food truck habit to other people and they really loved it too.  A good day was had by all!

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