Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Heart Chubby Jones

Anyone who knows me knows I've never really been athletically-inclined.  I like going to the gym and have taken up rowing in the summers over the last several years, but nothing really hard-core.  I leave that to BJ.  But, after hearing about the Couch to 5K program on the interwebs and from some friends, I thought, gee, I could maybe do this!  The C25K program is exactly as it sounds - a program designed to get a total novice from running very small amounts to running a 5K in about 9 weeks.  There are many podcasts, websites, and apps available to help a newbie get started.

I started this program while I was home on maternity leave last fall.  I got about 5 weeks in and then went back to work and pretty much stopped exercising for many many moons as our family adjusted to new routines.  This past summer, I picked it back up again, hoping to finally get to the end.  I am happy to say that I can now run 30 minutes without stopping.  I'm not fast, definitely won't win any races, but I will finish! 

A major factor in my being able to get through the program has been the Chubby Jones Podcast.  Chubby Jones, who is really Mia Jones, is a blogger and music/tv critic who has recorded a podcast for anyone who wants to run the C25K with her.  She chooses the music for you, normally mash-ups and independent artists she won't get in trouble for using, and she tells you when to walk, when to run, and gives all kinds of encouragement including giving yourself a pat on the butt and drinking margaritas as rewards.  You also occasionally hear about her 2 French bulldogs.  Mia is hilarious and it has been really great having her in my ear as I've been jogging.  So, a big thank you to Miss Chubby Jones!!!

If you are interested in starting this program, I highly recommend checking her out!

Bobby's Burger Palace

August 27 was a momentous day around here.  First, we got hit with a hurricane, which almost never happens in the DC area.  Second, BJ and I attended not one, but 2 weddings while said hurricane was occurring.  And third, we checked out the newest celebrity chef restaurant, Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burger Palace.  We love Bobby Flay.  I didn't used to be a fan, but he's grown on me and now he's one of our favorites.  We appreciate that he doesn't take himself too seriously AND that her recently appeared on the final season of Entourage.

We had some time to kill between weddings, so we used it wisely and went to check our Mr. Flay's newest franchise.  It is located on K Street, which we shuffled along in the pouring rain and gusting winds to get to the front door.  Here is what greets you when you go in:

We knew from looking at the website ahead of time that the specialty is the Crunch Burger, which just means adding potato chips on top.  You can "crunchify" any of the other burgers.  We ordered one regular cheese burger crunchified and one Dallas burger also with the crunch.  We also got fries and a coconut shake.  The restaurant itself is pretty neat looking, with a curvy bar area and then normal table, everything a loud yellow and orange.  Being that it was the middle of a natural disaster, the place was fairly empty and we didn't wait long for our food. 

My burger was pretty good.  I think I'd give it about a 7/10.  It was cooked more well-done that I like (even though you can choose how it is cooked when you order) but the flavor was good.  The potato chips on top didn't add anything in my opinion.  BJ felt the same about his burger.  We did enjoy the fries a lot and the milkshake was fantastic - lots of real coconut flavor and pieces of coconut.  All in all, a solid experience, but there are a couple of other places in the area we'd go to first if making a choice.  We're not often in the K St. area, so I'm not sure when we'll be back, but I'd recommend it to anyone who works near there and needs a quick lunch.