Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Field Trip = Food Truck 2.0

Another day, another field trip.  It is just that time of year.  I, yet again, made a point to take advantage of being downtown to have lunch at another food truck.  Knowing where we'd be, I chose to walk over to L'Enfant and just sample whatever was there.  I roped a couple of chaperons into my obsession and off we went.  There were a ton of trucks there, so we had a lot to choose from.  I went with the Big Cheese Truck for a grilled cheese sandwich.  Obviously, cool people go there.

The menu is pretty impressive, for bread and cheese.  But, I decided to go with "barely buzzed" which is the classic cheddar on sourdough bread.  I love a good grilled cheese, so I was ready!  It was a BIG sandwich, definitely at least twice the size of your mom's Wonder Bread.  The bread was buttered perfectly, toasted just right and the cheese was oozy and melty and just yummy.  My only complaint was the balance of cheddar with the sour in the bread - it needed maybe more salt in the cheese or less sour in the bread, or something.  A solid sandwich, but missing just a tiny something.  I will 100% be back though because all the other delicious-sounding items on the menu are calling me.  I also like the fact that the cheese comes from local sources - we like buying and eating local when we can.  8/10 for the sandwich, but 10/10 for potential for next time!

One of my comrades chose to eat from the Austin Grill Truck.  He ordered a chicken burrito bowl and said it was good, but "a little too bean-y."  He gave it a 6/10.

And, what hot day is complete without a popsicle?  The Pleasant Pops truck pulled up as we were ready to leave, so obviously we stopped.  I had the strawberries & cream, and the other two tried the honeycrisp apple and the Thai coconut curry.  Mine was great, not too sweet, and a good balance of flavors.  The apple one was "like eating applesauce" and the Thai curry was "like eating a curry dish on a stick."  Trust me, those were positive comments! 

2 more food truck converts.  I. Need. Help.

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