Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Confections opens in Woodbridge, Va.!

Remember the great review we gave Confections last summer?  Well, they've upped their game by opening a brick and mortar store in Woodbridge!  They opened their doors on January 7 and we were there bright and early to see what it looked like.  The store is open and sunny and has a lot of seating for customers, which is really nice and not typical of the majority of the shops in this area.  There was a short line and the staff were all very friendly and took our order quickly.  The coolest part was that other staff were actually making the cupcakes in the front of the shop - I have never seen this before.  Someone was grinding up carrots in a food processor and we could see the tins being filled and put into the professional ovens, which are just behind the counter.  Very cool!

We took 5 cupcakes home with us:  chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and 2 peanut butter chocolate.   Clearly they were too good for us to take a picture before tasting!

All were delicious and fresh!  I was happy to see the chocolate icing was more chocolatey than when I tasted it last year - great improvement! - and the peanut butter cupcake rivals our local favorite from Hello Cupcake.  I think this shop is going to do really well and I'm glad to see a great cupcakery in this area.  Congratulations Confections!

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  1. Can hardly wait to give this a try. Save a peanut butter one for me! See you soon.