Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last Friday I finally made it to Truckeroo, which is a monthly food truck gathering with live music, adult beverages and other promotions.  Some friends and I packed up the kiddos (their first ride on the metro!) and ventured downtown to check it out.  It is just across the street from the Navy Yard metro station, near Nats Park.  About 20 trucks were lines up around the edges of the parking lot, tables and umbellas down the middle, and the stage at the far end. 

I had scoped out who was coming beforehand and realized that most of the trucks were the well-established ones with large followings a.k.a I'd already tried them.

Thankfully, there was one I'd been looking forward to and I grabbed my lunch from them - Eat Stix.  The special menu for Truckeroo includes Italian sausage, shrimp, and some sweet and spicy beef.  I got the beef, which was grilled and skewered, as well as a skewer of pineapple and grapes to share with The Luce.  The beef was cooked well and a nice portion for me at lunchtime, but I was sad that the fruit wasn't grilled as well.  My friend got the sausage and enjoyed it.  My other complaint was that they were pricey - $8 for my 2 "stix."  $6 max was what it was worth.  I'd check them out again though.  It is a nice, healthier option in the world of grease and fried stuff.

I also partook from 2 of my favorites, Pleasant Pops (cantaloupe & watermelon and sweet tea!) and Curbside Cupcakes (a delicious Almond Joy).

If you haven't tried foodtrucks, this is a great event.  For me, who has a strange obsession with food from motor vehicles, it wasn't anything special.  But, it was fun to go with friends and introduce them.  Next time I want multiple trucks in one place, I'll just hit up a Farragut Friday!

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