Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 awesome parks for kids

A summer at home with a one year old means trying to find new, fun things to do every day.  The Luce is very active and enjoys having space to run around and explore, so luckily Fairfax County has a couple of ideal places for her. 

1.  Clemyjontri Park - this is a 2 acre playground for kids of all abilities.  It is truly the Disney World of playgrounds.  The walkways are designed like a track with lanes and stop signs.  There are swings for physically challenged kids, ride-on cars and airplanes, jungle gyms, seesaws, a zipline, etc.  You name it, they have it.  There is also a lovely carousel, which we rode, and plenty of family-friendly bathrooms and picnic tables.  On a weekday morning, it wasn't crowded but I imagine on a weekend it gets packed.  There is a nice-sized parking lot and they even have an overflow lot down the road.  It is a little far from our house, so we've only been once, but it was a great time.

photo courtesy of fairfaxparkfoundation.org

2.  Our Special Harbor Spray Park - this has totally made our summer.  It is a zero-depth water park for the little ones.  They have all kids of fountains, water tables, buckets that fill and dump on you, and plenty of covered space for adults who want to stay dry.  There are several family bathrooms and outside the park is a large pavilion (first-come, first-serve) and a huge green area and "treehouse" in the woods.  The Luce loooooooves it.  Perhaps the best part is that is is close to home and is is FREE.  We like to get there when it opens at 11 am and then pack a picnic lunch for on the grass.  Perfect way to cool off and have fun.
photo courtesy of novamommy.com

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  1. I did not know about Special Harbor! I think we will be heading there some time this week or next! The one I took Fletch too was too busy and deep. I was paranoid the whole time.