Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Vanilla X 2?

So, why Vanilla x 2?  We think the vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting is the true test of whether or not a bakery really knows what they're doing. It is simplest flavor and in its simplicity, the greatest.  BJ is notorious for ordering it, and our favorite cupcake of all time is a vanilla vanilla.

We have been known to get in the car and just drive somewhere for the day, stopping at the occasional restaurant, winery, or ice cream shop along the way.  We have also been known to sample cupcakes from more than one shop on the same Saturday.  We built a trip to NYC on restaurants we saw on the Food Network.  We try to see as many new movies as we can and since our daughter was born, we've become experts on baby products and gear.  Our friends know this about us and though they tease, they ask for recommendations too :)  This is where we'll post our reviews of pretty much everything we check out and have an opinion on. 

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